ship your items to us - download your photos - we ship your items back



This is what we do....

We receive your product, we professionally photograph it.

We retouch the image, then save it to your personal gallery.

We mail (or pick-up) your product back to you... Simple!

Contact us for a free quote before sending your items. Send us an email briefly explaining your photography needs. We’ll be happy to write an order for your approval. You can reach us by visiting our contact page.


If you prefer, simply ship us your items and we’ll contact you when they arrive and send you an estimate.

Be sure to include contact information inside your shipping package. We will await your approval before we begin

any work.



Carefully pack your items for delivery (or drop-off visit)

 Please include

• A numerical listing of the items in the package (packing list).

• A prepaid return shipping label (or we can bill you for return shipping).

                                 click here for our address


Once your item(s) arrive:

• Product Photo Direct™ will inspect your item(s).

• An email confirmation receipt of the item(s) and a quote will be sent to you.

Orders over $500 require a 50% deposit prior to order processing.

Orders under $500 require 100% payment prior to order processing.

We take payments by credit card (via PayPal®) or check. 

(Please contact us before sending items should any assembly be required).


Processing the order:
• After payment is received, your professional photographs are created.

We utilize the finest cameras, lenses, modeling lights, along with 25+ years of     creative professional experience.

• We provide a plain white or black background for your photographed items (please specify). (Color, gradient and custom backgrounds are available as an additional service).       

• Minor image retouching is included, free of charge.

• We color balance your professional photograph.

• Estimated turnaround (5-7 business days). Subject to change, call when needed.


Once order is completed:

• We will email you a direct link to preview your images.

• Upon your approval and final payment, Product Photo Direct™ will release both a high resolution image (for printing) and a low resolution image (for web).

• A direct link to your photographs will be emailed to you. 4 weeks will be provided to download your photographs. Additional download time will be provided if requested.


Product Photo Direct™ will then mail back your item(s). If you write or email us stating "do not to send back my items", we will dispose or donate your items 45 days after project completion.