Frequent Questions that we encounter:


1.  How much will a professional photograph cost? - Pricing for photographs: 1-9 @ $24 each, 10-19 @ $23 each, 20-49@ $22 each, 50+ cost $19 each with our plain white or black background. For color, gradient, or custom design backgrounds, additional costs apply. Please contact us


2.  When can I get my photos? - Typically in 5 to 7 business days. If it's a rush order let us know.


3.  How do I make a payment? - We take all major credit cards, via PayPal® or by check.


4.  Do I own these photos? - We issue licensing rights to you for usage in all your advertising. Once delivered the photographs are licensed to you on a royalty free basis. You may use these photographs in all forms of print and digital media. These photographs cannot be resold to any third party, individual or company without first obtaining our written permission.


5.  How will my photo files be saved? - We will provide you with a large jpeg for print media and a small jpeg for web and internet usage, two (2) files per photograph.


6.  How will I receive my new photographs? - You will be emailed a personal link to download your photographs. You may also request storage onto a DVD or thumb drive, for an additional charge.


7.  Will Product Photo Direct™ mail back my items? - Yes, we will always mail back your items. If you write or email us stating "do not to send back my items", we will dispose or donate your items 45 days after project completion.


8.  How large can an item be? -  We are able to accommodate items with a maxamum of 26 inches on one or more side(s), and a maximum of 25 pounds. We recommend that you contact us first and discuss any concerns you may have prior to shipping large items.


Questions about how our process works? See our workflow.

Additional questions? Contact us and we'll get back to you quickly.


ship your items to us - download your photos - we ship your items back